• Revolution in the sky

    Next generation deicing systems

    Blue Sky Aeroplane
  • Based on nanocarbon

    Carbon nanotube & graphene

    Blue Sky Balloon
  • Melting ice by heating

    Simple as that

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New era of safe and sustainable air travel

Every airplane can face icing situations when traveling at high altitudes or while on the round in wintry conditions. Then, even the most anticipated journey can be ruined with something as simple as ice formation on aircraft wings. Such unwanted ice must be removed prior to the flight to assure safety of the passengers en route.

The current process of ice removal by spraying the aircraft with antifreeze is expensive, complicated, labor-extensive, unecological and causes significant delays to itineraries. The end result is flight delays/cancellations and inflated price of air travel because someone has to bear the cost of this onerous process.

We developed a straight-forward alternative, wherein nanocarbon electric heaters are incorporated on the surface or embedded into the wing structure and melt the undesirable ice. The whole process is compacted to a single step, which takes place automatically or only requires flipping a switch in the cockpit and the aircraft is safe to fly.

Product details

  • Identity: carbon nanotubes/graphene
  • Form: electrical deicing system
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